Best Brazilian Wax or Bikini Wax

DSC_0296-1We’ve all heard the tales of women who had a terrible experience when getting a brazilian wax or bikini waxing treatment.    If body waxing is not done properly, the client is going to suffer pain from bruising, swelling and sometimes the ever-dreaded, removal of skin…YIKES!!  Hopefully this blog post will help guide you to the best brazilian or bikini wax ever!

After 10 years of waxing experience, I decided to start teaching a Hair Removal Class that has been met with rave reviews, from both novice body waxers all the way to master waxers!   While teaching the material,  I have been so disappointed with the fact that lots of licensees are not comfortable with how to “get in there” and get it done!!  I get it, lets face facts, most of us girls are not often face to face with another womens who-hah!

My #1 piece of advice for your best brazilian wax or bikini wax results is to go to a professional.  No DIY success stories exist!  Trust me, not one!  Seriously are you gonna try to microwave wax and apply it to your “kibbles and bits” then rip it off!  Try to get a referral from a friend,  relative or co-worker that you trust.  Preparing for successful waxing is not the time to look for a coupon or an overly amazing introductory deal, often times these deals are offered as an incentive for YOU to provide practice for a new employee!  If you must go without a referral, and you find yourself in a spa with several waxers make sure you request a senior employee.  This way, the individual has already had success with waxing,  and the proof is that they still work there!!

When you go to a reputable technician, they will have you fill out a service agreement.  This document should have questions about your health history, as well as instructions for pre and post wax procedures.  Also the technician should be having a conversation with you to ensure proper understanding of what to expect during and after the waxing service.  Once the procedure is complete, you should be completely hair free unless you designated a landing strip, a “soul patch” or a traditional triangular shape.   There should be no hair remaining on the labia, including the “tail feathers”!   This is no time for a “mullet”, all business in the front and party in the back!  No ma’am.  Also,  know that there should be little to no tweezing stragglers.  If there is hair still present, the waxing was not done properly.  It could mean that hair was broken at the base,  rather than removed by the root.  This can cause ingrown hair as it struggles to grow out.

People always ask,  “Which is less painful, hard wax or soft wax?”  I say, both!  There is no one wax fits all, so don’t get hung up on the type of wax but focus more on the credentials of the technician you have selected.  I  have had success at body waxing with several different types and brands of wax, so don’t be afraid of the modality.  Allowing the professional to work with whichever they are most comfortable, will add to your overall comfort in the end.

Finally, my best advice is that if the place doesn’t appear clean then it isn’t!  Always remember, client safety and sanitation should be a top priority to any salon or spa!   Use these tips to find your next wax technician and you will have your best brazilian wax or bikini wax EVER!

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