The client in the image is a good example of an abundance of oily deposits in the skin. This is evident in the rough texture and the enlarged pore size.


The client in the image is a good example of an abundance of oily deposits in the skin. This is evident in the rough texture and the enlarged pore size.

So let's talk pores!

*Pores become larger as the are stuffed with oil, as it stretches the pore. *Pores full of oil can create a rough texture or a bumpy texture. * Pores appear enlarged when the oil is darker in color. *Pores do not grow larger, however they do appear to be larger as the skins loss of elasticity as skin matures.

First example of clogged skin; In the case of this client, the oily deposits have remained soft. Thus easier to remove. This is the perfect example of how a simple exfoliating cleansing solution can make all the difference. I recommend using a gentle daily exfoliating cleanser with an active amount of Salicylic Acid to treat this issue. Unfortunately a lot of people would see this texture and want to apply a Biore strip to remove the clogs, however all it would do is makes things worse by attaching an adhesive to the skin. What will inadvertently happen is the adhesive will pull up some oil on the surface, but not the way they show on the commercials or diagrams on the packaging!! It will not pull this soft oil out of the pores, nor does it account for the oily debris inside the pore that is cementing the oily deposit in place! You need a product that will soften the oil further, and remove the stickiness inside the pore allowing for removal! Now, the interesting part is that some lines offer ONE aha, cleanser in the entire line of product. This is why I choose to work with Dermed Products in my skincare practice. I appreciate how diverse the line is, including multiple combinations of ingredients to fit a broad variety of individual clients and skin conditions, than what is available with most skincare lines. I would recommend an exfoliating cleanser with a combination of Glycolic, Salicylic, Lactic or Grape Wine Extract to perfect the desired result depending on their how the skin is presenting.

Second example of clogged skin; If the oil remains stuck inside the pores, natural daily oil production will create a bigger clog, over time it will harden and darken in appearance. This darkening of the top of the oily deposit, is caused by oxidation which happens as the oil makes contact with oxygen. Also this is when it becomes clear that the oil clog is stuck and can become more difficult to remove. Again, I would treat this skin in studio with gentle extractions, then follow up with at home care involving an Aha Cleanser that targets dead skin removal, like one with an active amount of Glycolic, followed with a smoothing skin polish to help remove surface debris maybe twice a week. Again, I would find the right ingredient to do the best job, depending on the individuals skin.

Third example of clogged skin; The final result of clogged skin can be papule and pustules. aka: ZITS. This is a result of the pore being clogged with oil, and the impaction is so stuck that the skin has to create an eruption to unblock the pore! This is where a Biore strip can actually do more damage than good. The adhesive can leave a residue on the skin that can irritate the skin, as well as, the “pulling” action will definitely exacerbate breakouts creating a whole new mountain of issues! This type of skin condition should be treated with a specific ingredient that will target bacteria and break up solidified oil, while working on gently removing dead cells and cellular debris. Again, this is a good example of why use of a diverse skincare line with the right recommendations can make all the difference in the results!

So many times people treat oil, clogs and breakouts all the same and the truth is , they are NOT the same. Breakouts or clogs, can be caused by a variety of skin issues, so it should be treated by a professional. I would love to help you with whatever skin issues you are experiencing. Book an Appointment

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