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Fiztpatrick sale from the lightest of the light to the darkest of the dark

Fiztpatrick sale from the lightest of the light to the darkest of the dark

This blogpost is in response to a Youtube post, where an African American guy purchased “Sans Kojie Soap” to lighten post acne pigmentation. Apparently he was unhappy when the product lighten his entire complexion. Yes I can imagine as a dark skinned individual wouldn’t really want to fade their skin color. Even it yes, fade it no.

Now everything you will see online about Kojic Acid is that is it a gentle lightener. It is a wonderful ingredient, one of my very favorites. Kojic is a natural acid derived from fungus. It is the only thing proven to diminish melanin clusters in the skin, by actively making the cells repel each other. Kojic is excellent for helping create an even tone to any complexion, we all have color variations in our skin, from the lightest of the light to the darkest of the dark and this is a great ingredient to use in most cases. So what went wrong you ask. Well, first this gentleman is not an esthetician or doctor. He is a guy who thought he knew what he was purchasing and using on his skin, however he was misinformed. On the ingredient label for Sans Kojie Soap is listed Kojic acid. But it is not the form of kojic that is from mushrooms like usual, it is the Asian preferred variety that is made from fermentation of rice. Yes, just like Sake. This product is made in Japan where rice is readily available. The way an Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) will perform is directly based of how is it produced in nature. Also included in this soap is sweet orange extract, which is a lightener, meaning it pulls melanin out of the skin so not a great ingredient for a dark skinned individual who wants to remain dark. The soap is marketed as a “skin lighening product” and it is. These products are very popular in Asian culture as they love to lighten the skin. It is very fashionable and is a desired look of many. So if someone were to use this product to lighten spots on the skin, it will, but it will lighten all the pigment…not just the spots.

I recommend that you visit a professional before treating your skin with anything. you, someone with experience in the industry. There is actually a ton of science that goes into the development of skin products and it would be a good idea to seek advice from someone who has studied skincare ingredients. You can’t believe everything you see on Youtube or Google. I will also be posting on my facebook page about “Coal” being utilized in so many products. It’s quite the buzz word in skincare, again from Asian influence and it works differently on caucasian skin…buyer beware!! I carry DerMed “Brightening” Cleanser and Toner. It is fantastic for evening out pigmentation. This product utilizes the correct form of Kojic Acid and the correct percentage. I have personally used this product on my own skin for 10 years. I absolutely love it. I use it to treat my melasma as well as, sun damage. It works. Come to my studio and check it out. I’d love to show you how the right product can produce the right results. Reach out to me at 803-348-8367. Follow me on FB for more skincare, makeup and waxing advice!

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