Did you know neglecting sunscreen can cause under eye circles?


One thing I hear in the treatment room everyday is a variety of under eye concerns including dark circles, puffy bags, wrinkles and lax skin around the eye area.  Unfortunately for us, the eye area is very susceptible to these conditions and they often present all at once!  Generally the causes are the usual suspects, not enough rest,  stress, poor diet, allergies and of course, good old genetics.   Surely you have heard all of this before, however did you know that neglecting sunscreen can cause dark puffy under eye circles?  The suns rays thin the delicate skin and also causes hyper pigmentation in the area surrounding the eyes.   The sun’s ultraviolet light damages fibers in the skin called elastin, causing the skin to lose its elasticity. When these fibers break down they lose the ability to snap back after stretching.  Wrinkles will then form and gravity pulls the lax skin downward.  Chronic exposure to sunlight can produce fine and coarse wrinkles, rough leathery texture and mottled or blotchy pigmentation.  The ultraviolet radiation scatters into the tissues just beneath the skin’s surface and only a fraction of the radiation is actually absorbed by the skin’s living cells.  Over time, the radiation damages sensitive substances that affect the skin’s normal growth and appearance.  This is why a physical sunblock is so very important.  Jane Iredale mineral makeup is promoted by the Skin Cancer Foundation for daily use!

Now, I am happy to show you how to properly utilize a good concealer to help hide any of the above concerns. (Jane Iredale offers a fantastic pot concealer!) However, here are a few steps to help you eradicate a variety of under eye issues.

  1. Wear sunscreen everyday all day to avoid further damage.  Jane Iredale’s Mineral Foundations and Mineral Powder Sunscreen are a physical block and therefore reflect the sun’s rays, bouncing them off the skin before they can penetrate.
  2. Use a good treatment eye cream.  I recommend DerMed’s Enhancing Eye Complex it contains Matrixyl 3000, which is a botox mimic so it slows down the repetitive movements around the eye that contribute to wrinkles.  Two additional amazing ingredients are Eyeliss, which works to remove puffy circles and Haloxyl that helps break up stale blood that sits in the tiny capillaries beneath the eyes.
  3. Feed the skin with plenty of antioxidants and omega 3’s.  I am a huge fan of Maya Chia Super Couple because it does both in perfect synergy.  I have my clients using this product for the face and utilizing it around the eyes as well as an eye cream. (I have a million reasons for this step, but can’t possibly list them all here.)
  4. Remove your makeup every night before bed.  I offer DerMed’s eye makeup remover or you can purchase L’Oreal at your local drugstore.  I like an oil based eye makeup remover to gently slide off makeup with no tugging at the delicate eye area.
  5. Each morning do little lightweight compressions to start the blood flowing into the area, this will help with dark circles as well as, the blood flow will drive the lymph system and remove the the moisture buildup that contributes to puffiness.
  6. I love a good weighted eye pillow.  10 minutes with a weighted eye pillow is like laying down for 1 hour.  It helps.  These can be purchased at Marshalls or TJ Maxx, they are often marketed as aromatherapy eye pillows.
  7. Come in and get a Collagen Eye Treatment during your next facial treatment with me at the studio.  It is great for hydration and promotes plumping of the fine lines and wrinkles.



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