Effective Cleansers and why Ph is important.

Cleansers, Toners and Serums are great, however if you don’t use them correctly you may be not be seeing the full potential of the product.   Today for simplicity sake, lets discuss how to properly utilize Cleansers.  I choose DerMed Clinical Cleansers, they contain amazing AHA’s and BHA’s combined with other potent cosmeceutical ingredients to make result oriented skincare.    Here is an important example.   If you purchase a quality Cleanser, then use it at the end of the day to “take off your makeup”, well then sadly,  you are missing out on amazing benefits on the product.  Cleansers with AHA’s in them will do a bang up job of eating through your makeup and that’s great, however it is “working” on the makeup and not the epidermis!  To get best results from your cleanser, I suggest you select one with daily exfoliating properties, such as an Enzymatic Cleanser or an AHA or BHA formula.   Here’s the KICKER… use it after you have done a pre-cleanse step.  Find a very basic everyday cleanser to use for a pre-cleanse step.  I do not recommend skincare wipes, or products that will have a lot of fillers and “bad junk” in them.  Cetaphil will be fine and it really won’t take but another second to add this important step to your nightly routine and it will make a difference in the everyday radiance and health of your skin.   Please remember, this is the first step.

Secondly,  you will need to invest in an effective  cleanser, I suggest you select one with daily exfoliating properties, such as an Enzymatic Cleanser, an AHA or BHA formula.  I prefer ones will a lower Ph.   Lets refresh our memory of chemistry class: pH is a scale that measures acidity and alkalinity.  Zero is the most acidic and 14 the most alkaline, while 7  is neutral.  Skin’s natural pH hovers around 5, which is slightly acidic.  Here the skin’s protective moisture barrier does its job properly, keeping out UV rays and free radicals as well as preventing moisture loss.  However, if your skin goes from acidic to alkaline, it doesn’t function as well, causing dryness and inflammation that inevitably lead to aging skin.  Soaps and Cleansers are often the culprit in leaving the skin too alkaline, after which the skin takes hours to reach it balance point of 5ph, leaving the skin overly dry, overly oily, and/or possibly red and inflamed.  Cleansers with a lower Ph provide optimum absorption into the skin.  I promote DerMed Clinical Skincare in my studio, the cleansers have a low Ph and the toner are designed to restore the balance after an effective cleansing thus allowing your finishing products de jour to do their job!

Please reach out to me if you are wanting to learn how skincare works.  I’d love to help you make your skin look it’s very best!

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