Eyebrow shape, wax, trim and filled in… with Jane Iredale Brunette Brow kit.

brow wax with Jane Iredale filler


After waxing and shaping the brow, I used the Jane Iredale Brow Kit in Brunette to enhance the brow.  This kit has a brunette shadow and then a clear wax, I like to use the powder to fill in the shape of the brow and then utilize the wax to gently hold everything in place.  This product is superior in hold during hot summer months when competitive creamy products will just melt or smudge under all our humidity.  And have you ever tried to use a brow pencil on sunny skin.  Generally tanned skin is taught and often times shiny and warm, a waxy pencil will lay on the skin and appear artificial.   A lighter weight powder looks more natural and will not smudge, run or melt.  You will love this product.  Come try it out!

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