So now we are all waiting patiently to return to our happy places, the salon being #1 for a lot of us!!  If you are going nuts with unruly “grown out” brows, let me show you how to tame them!!


Today I am sharing a little “not so secret”, secret to my success as an Eyebrow Specialist.  Above you will notice three images of three different styles of brows.  The one on top is groomed to perfection, as is this clients style choice!  I LOVE her gorgeous brows.  Her natural brow is thick and full, so I do a combination of things to perfect this look for her.  I wax, trim, tweeze and style her brows with soap.  This gal has enough hair so there is NO need for filler, so I go for my favorite thing for taming and perfecting brows….the SOAP BROW!

This technique has been used by professional makeup artist FOREVER.  It is the jam.  Now, how it is done.  You will need a glycerin soap.  I like to use the one by Neutrogena.  (This is the ONLY time you will hear me recommend a Neutrogena product.  If you are using cleansers, toners, moisturizers or sunscreens by them…then we need to have a whole other conversation. Reach out anytime!)  Back to brows….you will need a clean mascara wand.  Maybe you have an old mascara that you are ready to discard, if so, remove the wand and wash it throughly. I would wipe it with alcohol to ensure any bacteria is completely erased!  Then you can utilize this one in your daily application of soap brows!  You will need to run water over the mascara wand, then scrap it against the soap allowing some product to adhere to the clean wand.  Now, it is important to know, we are not looking for suds.  The wand should not be wet enough to produce bubbles or suds.  Think of it as you are making a pomade for the brow.  Once the wand has some product on it, I generally run it between my fingers to smooth the soap out and create a pomade.  Then use the wand to comb the brows in the direction of hair growth.  For a natural look, brush upward in small tiny strokes, toward the arch and once you reach the highest point of the arch change directions and brush downward at a slight angle from there to the end of the brow.  This “pomade” will keep even the most unruly hairs perfectly groomed for the entire day…or night!  If you naturally have thicker, coarser and even textured hair, this will work like a charm.  I recommend this technique for all my clients as a way to control the beast before their next appointment.  Be sure not to make it heavy, honestly you shouldn’t see any residue on the brow, it should be seamless.   Also, as this is a glycerine soap that is designed for the face, it will not irritate the skin under and around the brow, so NO worries!!  Your going to love this little  “non-makeup” trick!

In my skincare studio, I like to see you every 3-4 weeks to have your brows professionally groomed.  I am happy to teach you how to care for your brows in between appointments and help you find the best and most flattering shape for your face and eyes.  My priority is to make you happy and make your brows look great!

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