Have you got Ingrown Hairs and Folliculitis, I can help!

ingrown hairs and folliculitis

ingrown hairs, folliculitis

A High Frequency Wand is used to help reduce inflammation and the growth of bacteria within the hair follicle. Direct High Frequency is an external application that produces a germicidal effect through ozone formation on the skin’s surface, via the glass electrode, where the air sparks between the electrode & the skin combines with oxygen.
***This little tool makes quick work of helping heal the affected area!

The video posted is of a gentlemen presenting with folliculitis in and around the beard area. It is defined as the inflammation of a hair follicle. This type of folliculitis is often referred to as “Barbers Itch” and it simply caused and aggravated by shaving.
Folliculitis affects females and males of all ages and races. It begins with the introduction of a pathogen to the hair follicle. This can happen by shaving or can present a rash like irritation to the skin underneath wet clothing. We see this in swimmers who are constantly in wet bathing suits and in pools. Or even young pre-teen girls who “live” in their swimsuit all summer!! Pseudofolliculitis is when hair curves and re-enters the skin causing an ingrown hair! This is famous for presenting in the bikini area where the hair is thicker and curly. Clients who have this issue are always pleased with results of waxing this area to decrease the amount of ingrown hairs, as well as, the discoloration and scarring created by post shaving irritation and/or bumps!
More on Men:

Fungal Folliculitis, which would need to be treated by a doctor with topical or oral medications depending on the severity of the outbreak. (Antibotics do not heal fungal infections.) I often think of sports gear like wrestlers, due to tight fitting clothing that causes friction which can lead to damage of hair follicles, which then leads to folliculitis. Deep folliculitis tends to cause more swelling and pain, it often does not appear to look like a pimple or pustule.
Also be aware that Folliculitis Keliodalis causes scarring, mostly around the nape of the neck, most common among males with curly hair. And on women with thick textured hair around the bikini area, which makes waxing a fantastic alternative to shaving!

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