Lisa weighs in on WEIGHTED EYE PILLOWS.



WEIGHTED EYE PILLOW Handmade with farm fresh Lavender, purchased from the farmer at the Charleston Farmers Market. *SHOP LOCAL*

With weighted blankets being all the craze, I thought this would be a great time to post about WEIGHTED EYE PILLOWS!  So with a blanket or a throw, the importance of receiving the benefits of weight is based on the weight of the item verses the body weight.  Not so with the eye pillow!  The weight is fairly standard at 8.75oz for eye pillows.  The weight stimulates the vagus nerve, the light pressure on your eyes triggers a reflex that lowers your heart rate and regulates your mood. This oculocardiac reflex puts your body and mind at rest and allows you to rejuvenate the eyes during times of rest! Not only for sleep, but great for a reboot mid day as well!  Close those peepers for 15 minutes and then “wake up” with rested eyes that make you appear bright eyed and bushy tailed!!

Another major benefit is the subtle weight of the pillow put gentle pressure on the eyeball itself, allowing for moisture to drain away from the eye area and be flushed away through the lymphatic system, causing a relief in eye tension, puffiness and dark circles as well.  Ten minutes with a weighted eye pillow on the eyes, allows for the same drainage as one hour in a lying down position.

I recommend a weighted eye pillow made from a natural material such as flaxseed, lavender buds, dried rose petals, dried peppermint leaves, and a few drops lavender oil.  In my studio, I prefer ones that do not have much of a scent, as I love the benefits of aromatherapy but like to customize for each client.  For example I often use peppermint oil on a facial tissue utilized along with the weighted eye pillow to help relieve allergies or sinus pressure or lavender to reduce stress and bring a sense of calming to the treatment.  (Never use peppermint oil directly on the skin as it could burn or irritate sensitive skin!)   And I find a lot of clients love lemongrass as it improves headaches, digestion and general restlessness.

Here’s a little tip, place your weighted eye pillow in a ziplock and leave it in the fridge for best results!  Trust me, you’re gonna love this little pampering treatment, and you’ll love the results!


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