No Makeup? Better plan on GOOD Skincare

No makeup.

The no makeup look is made possible by good skincare.  Anyone can look beautiful if they adopt a simple clean skincare routine.    I suggest cleansing twice a day, a gentle cleanser for morning and mild but effective AHA cleanser is best for daily exfoliating in the evening.    If you are using an beneficial cleanser, the PH will be low, so an effective toner is recommended to help raise the PH of the skin, thus allowing for proper penetration of hydration after cleansing.    Then follow up with a treatment serum of your choice, dedicated to a variety of skin concerns and the end with a hydrating moisturizer.  Yes, you read that right…a Moisturizer is not a Hydrator, they are two separate items unless you pick the right one….to learn more, come see me for an appointment.  I can help.

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