Professional Skincare vs. Mass Market Brands

Here are a few questions to consider.

How is your complexion?  When you look in the mirror what do you see that bugs you?  Wrinkles, Redness, Breakouts, Brown Spots and overly dry or oily skin?  All of the above?

What lead you to the skincare that you are currently using?

Final Question:  Has your current skincare created any lasting results for you?

Clean, clear and youthful skin at any age!

Clean, clear and youthful skin at any age.

It’s time to think about all the marketing that convinced you to try your latest skincare products including product placement in the store, colorful print advertisements or commercials showing a youthful model with no pores. Maybe you were trying to take a stab at it for yourself by reading a nifty skincare article featuring the item or even the beauty editors pick of the month? Was it the healthy looking label at the organic supermarket or possibly the item on promo displayed the end cap in front of you while you waited for a prescription to be filled. Marketing is tricky business, literally designed to trick you into buying the product or service they provide. However in my practice I hear tons of women referring to an article or magazine reviews and editor picks, and on that note I have this to say, buyer beware! The coveted spot of editors picks are generally reserved for promotion of items in exchange for heavy advertising dollars spent with the publication. Meaning, the blue ribbon was bought and paid for!

In general these spots go to mass market sales companies like “Neu-tro-Gina or Oil of Ole-lady”. For example, those types of brands purchase millions of dollars of print advertising space from major publications each year; thus the magazine promotes it’s own interest by promoting the line that forks over a good amount of it’s advertising budget to them. They often boast ingredients that are industry buzz words, however they don’t actually contain the recommended amount of the active ingredient to do what it is stating that it can do. For example, salicylic acid can do wonderful things if utilized in the right percentages with the right carriers and according to correct daily usage. Unfortunately people read articles about the wonderful effects of great ingredients and if they see that ingredient listed on the label then they assume it’s going to create the desired result. Mass market products are full of fillers. These items are specifically made to have limited efficacy so that clients do not react to the products.  So say they sell 2 billion items, the FDA regulates how may reactions can be reported due to product usage.  Basically the product is very benign.  It has to “fit” millions of clients from the most sensitive to those presenting with all sorts of skin conditions with little to no reactivity.  And yes, dermatologist often recommend similar lines and in most cases, this is to keep clients from exacerbating any skin issues by utilizing anything active!  Which means unless it’s to calm your reaction down, it’s not capable of doing much else.

Cosmo-ceuticals are professional clinical skincare products required by the FDA to have clinical trials that show the efficacy of a product and/or ingredient percentage.  These items must be purchased from a licensed professional.  That is because they are active and each client should be consulted on the best way to utilize the product for best results for the individual.  For example the product line that I work with at my studio is DerMed. It is a very large and comprehensive line that is full of active ingredients.  I chose the line based on years of results personally and professionally, with the products!  Active Cleansers will remove dirt, oil and environmental debris from the epidermis often times with exfoliating properties will lightly resurface the skin to allow better penetration of additional helpful ingredients.  Corrective Toners are formulated to treat specific skin conditions by allowing deeper penetration of active ingredients that follow.  Corrective Serums repair and rejuvenate skin through the use of smaller molecules are able to deeply penetrate the layers of the epidermis and deliver highly potent ingredients and actives.  Active Moisturizers work to deliver hydration and vital nutrients to heighten the skins immune response for accelerated new cell growth.  It also protects against daily environmental damage that can destroy the skins integrity. It will keep you looking radiant and healthy.  If you accompany this type of at home regime with regular skin treatments utilizing active ingredient peels, tonics and masks then the results will be staring you in the face!  For fresh, youthful and revitalized skin book a skin treatment with a licensed professional today and discover what a difference you can make using professional products!

Licensed Estheticians are part of medical spa’s and facilities today because of their invalueable training in skin care. Doctors are there to write prescriptions and sell high price, often high risk procedures.  A good esthetician will steer you  in the best direction for the overall health and integrity of your skin.  I would love to help.  I offer professional skincare consultations at my studio located inside Capelli Studio Salons at 615 Johnnie Dodds Blvd. Suite 101 in Mount Pleasant SC.  Call or text me at 803-348-8367 to reserve an appointment.

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