Sun damage hands, how to help!


Even simple task, walking the dog or driving around town,  our hands often get just as much sun exposure as our face, even more! We all try to use a daily sunscreen on our faces but we often neglect our hands!!  The above image is one of my clients who is currently being treated for pre-cancerous lesion removal on her hands.  As you can see, she has had several area’s removed which will leave the hands even more vulnerable to the damaging rays now that the fresh new cells have come to see the light of day!  Literally!  I always suggest sunblock.  I like Blue Lizard Sunscreen ,  zinc oxide sunblock that is relatively clear on the skin,  seems to stay in place throughout the day even in water.  Remember, you have to reapply!!  Most people do not know how to arrive at the proper time, but it’s never much more than 60 minutes…tops!!   As well as, we only have an average of 4 minutes of built in natural sun protection before sun damaging rays effect our skin.   So play it safe, always remember that simple incidental sun exposure can lead to damage and damage can lead to melanoma.  Be SAFE and lather up frequently!  Get outdoors and enjoy it, just wear hats and glasses and sun protective fabrics and lots and lots of good sunscreen. To learn more about how sunscreens work, please come see me at the studio.  I would be happy to help.

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