Sweatproof, waterproof, heat & humid proof MAKEUP TIPS!

It’s July 4th weekend, so here’s a few makeup tips to help you look your best whether you are on the boat, on the beach or at the pool! Follow these steps to achieve a fresh flawless skin that ready to take on the heat. These tips will help you create sweatproof, water proof and heat & humid proof makeup10462647_265162290340696_1183207565074140663_n

1. Start with cleansing. Everything looks plumper and fresher on a clean palette!! I absolutely love the new oil based face cleanser by “Maya Chia”, leaves a vail of moisture on the skin by hydrating the deeper layers of the epidermis.

2. Follow up with a good moisturizer. One I really like it “Combat Ready Cream” by Skincando. It has a coconut oil base and penetrates the skin layers for a better hydration than most facial skin lotions or creams.

3. Use your sunscreen, I suggest a product like “Coola” sunscreen. It’s a light formula of mineral sunscreen with a tad bit of soft color to enhance a healthy summer glow!!

4.  Place a small amount of “Lip2Cheek” by RMS Beauty, on the cheeks to achieve a fresh faced blush to create happy summery cheeks! For healthy lip color, dab a little on the lips, to keep lips looking softer and fuller, but still very natural.

5. I personally like to lighten my eyelids with a neutral eye base every day. I suggest “Painterly” by Mac. It is a light color that will diminish any dark or red tones on the eyelid making the eyes appear more alert and pretty. Also, it is water proof, so it should stay on most all day.

6. Use a waterproof formula of mascara. My newest passion for mascara is availalbe at Sephora, it’s Lorac Pro. It’s really dark black and I feel that it stays in place very well.

7. Rub in a little spf lip balm to protect those sensitive lips!  Put it right on top of your “Lip2Cheek” color.

8. Finish with a spritz of “Coola” Makeup Setting Spray. It provides one last layer of sunscreen, that sits directly on top of everything else. You can take it along with you, just drop it in the cooler to make re-appling a “cool” breeze as the day continues.

If you follow these quick steps to flawless face makeup, you’ll be ready to take on all the fun activities that our fantastic Charleston summer has to offer! Enjoy the water, heat and summer sun!!

**I recommend that if you have plans to be on the water, you check into a Lash Tint. The procedure consist of using natural plant dyes to add depth to the color of the lashes , creating an enhanced the lash line, making it appear darker and fuller! Done correctly this dye should last approximately 4-6 weeks. Great for summer sports, such as tennis and swimming, or as an easy vacation from mascara!

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