Teen Brow wax and shape = Teen Brow Transformation


Teen Brow Wax & Shape      Now Mom’s, I get it, this seems a slippery slope into female maintenance, however it is a right of passage for our young ladies!  Most girls experience growth spurts early in puberty some as early as age 9, that’s why many girls are taller than boys in middle school.   Gradually a girls body starts to grow into a woman’s body, and… this is when they start to notice any and every difference in themselves and in others.   At such an early age, it may not even be intentional to point out differences in our peers, unfortunately this is when we start to hear about image bulling.   Now, I am not suggesting that we raise shallow silly girls and give into every little whim like pierced ears, short shorts, nail polish, makeup, all of which are very personal decisions of each set of parents, but it is important that we help by teaching them hygienic grooming practices.  Brow waxing or lip waxing may be part of the story for some girls.  Unwanted hair can make them an easy target for kids to point out differences and unfortunately make children feel insecure.

Pictured above is a photo of my client, a lovely young lady who needed a little brow clean up. I always strive to demonstrate the proper way to take care of brows and show the growth pattern that remains natural and full.  For each brow I generally trim, wax and tweeze to ensure we get a beautiful and natural shape. The idea is not to create a false shape, but to enhance the natural attributes of each clients brow working to help them appear symmetrical and even! Remember they are sisters, not twins! I hear a comedian say once, that they don’t even have to be sisters, as long as their in the same family…lol. Trust me, I will make sure they are related and I will go for twins!

Teen brow is $15 (option to add a teen lip for $5 if desired) and is designed for teens 15 years and younger. Generally new clients can begin around 11 years old, but I have had exceptions for children as young as 9 years old. (only when necessary) Even dark villus hair can draw attention to certain areas and whenever you and your child desire a little help, just reach out. I am happy to help and will certainly do a complementary consultation to see if you and your child are ready.

*I do have multiple waxes available, and will utilize the style of wax that will perform better depending on the hair growth and client sensitivities.#

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